Here at Jobs in Education, we’re not simply obsessed with learning and education–

Wait, yes we are! Which is why we’re a business that not only provides exceptional service, but also gives back.

Jobs in Education is a socially conscious organization that provides a K-12 and Higher Education employment job board and resources for those interested in working in the education sector. For over nine years, we have helped employers connect with qualified job seekers in Canada and abroad, and we are committed to making a social impact through enabling opportunities in education.

It is completely free for job seekers to find jobs, and employers can post their jobs within seconds!

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The education sector is unique because it provides extraordinary opportunities for us to learn, develop, and grow. It is a part of who we are and shapes how we view our world, which is why the people who work in education are extraordinary.

We take our job as matchmaker between educational institutions and potential candidates very seriously. Our students, institutions, and community depend on us to help enable transformational learning experiences. They depend on us so that they can hire the right people, and by doing so, we, as Human Resources Specialists, have the ability to make an impact – in the lives of our students and in the lives of our employees. Our process and choices impact entire communities, and like you, we believe in hiring the very best.


Our President, Rumeet Billan, decided a long time ago that JIE would work towards two bottom lines: profit + social impact. To date, we have built three primary schools in Africa and South America, supported uniforms and textbook programs for orphans, created and built a teacher’s college in Kenya, and contributed to breakfast programs in Canada.

To us, it’s not just about operating a business; it’s about making an impact.


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We believe in the value of education. It’s the relationship between education, employment, and social impact where opportunity exists – and where there is opportunity, we believe there is possibility.

We love what we do.