• Employers – FAQ

    I am an Employer in the education space, and I’ve got some questions!

    1. I’m looking for qualified candidates! Is there a cost to place an advertisement on your website?

    To place a single job posting on jobsineducation.com for 30 days, the cost is $350.00 CDN plus applicable taxes. If your organization would like to learn more about our six month and one year unlimited posting packages, please connect with us at info@jobsineducation.com

    2. How can I access applications from candidates on jobsineducation.com?

    Jobs in Education does not accept applications from candidates on behalf of employers. We have learned that our clients have their own processes for accepting applications and candidates can apply directly to the organization. Please be sure to include application information on your postings so that candidates can apply directly to you!

    3. Do you recruit teachers to teach overseas at jobsineducation.com?

    Nope. We are aware that other organizations in this space do, however, we believe that this is a direct conflict of interest with our valued clients and we are not here to compete with you! Instead, you’ll be happy to know, we are here to help you find qualified candidates.

    4. Why should we post our jobs on jobsineducation.com?

    Because we have worked with the best employers over the past nine years, and we continue to work with the best. Our clients rave about us, we provide exceptional customer service, and above all, we enable opportunities in education. The question really is, Why wouldn’t you?

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