Job Seekers:

Why should I use Jobs in Education?

We're a simple, easy-to-use platform with no sign-in required to view all available jobs. If you're in education or looking to start a career in education, our specialized job board will get you started quickly.


What kind of roles can I find on Jobs in Education?

We feature a variety of roles beyond teaching, including administration, support staff, training, maintenance, IT, HR, Finance, Higher Education, and more. We cater to all types of positions in the Canadian education system.


How do I apply for jobs on jobsineducation.com?

Each employer has their own application process, which can include online systems or email. Check the job advertisement for specific instructions.


Do I need to sign up or pay a fee to view your job board?

There is no cost or sign-up required. We are a free service for job seekers in the education sector.


Can I submit my application to jobsineducation.com?

Jobs in Education does not accept applications on behalf of our clients.


How can I create an application that stands out?

Good question – Check out our blog for tips and tricks written by teachers, principals, and superintendents that help to answer exactly that question and help your application stand out



I’m looking for qualified candidates! Is there a cost to place an advertisement on your website?

We offer various package options, from single ads to including unlimited postings. Visit our pricing page for details. Or reach out to customer service to inquire about a custom solution info@jobsineducation.com


How can I access applications from candidates on jobsineducation.com?

Candidates will apply directly to your preferred method, such as through your ATS or email. Be sure to include application information on your postings.


Why should we post our jobs on jobsineducation.com?

We've worked with top employers for over 20+ years, providing exceptional customer service and enabling opportunities in education.


How can employers benefit from Jobs in Education?

In short, by saving time and resources during your hiring process and increasing visibility. We make the process for job seekers simple and in the current employment market, it is imperative job seekers have a simple to use solution that does not require sign-in to see your jobs to maximize visibility.

The Jobs In Education solution offers school boards, school districts, universities, colleges, private schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, independent schools, and all stakeholders in education, a cost-effective and efficient recruitment solution.


Are you hiring?

No, but we're always looking for freelance writers/bloggers passionate about education. Contact info@jobsineducation.com if you're interested.

Need more answers? Feel free to connect with us anytime! T: 905-272-0277 E: info@jobsineducation.com