• Kativik Ilisarniliriniq
  • Kuujjuaq, QC, Canada
  • Jun 06, 2024
Full-Time Occasional/Substitute Teacher

Job Description


·         Help students to be integrated into the regular class to the appropriate degree and modify the instructional activities so that they become accessible to the students;

·         Work with the students one-to-one and carry out planned activities, encourage and help him or her in areas where this is deemed necessary;

·         Plan, with appropriate support, activities which will help the students to progress to the best of her/his ability;

·         Work closely with the regular teacher and/or special education teachers as well as the teacher training counsellor and the KI psychosocial team;

·         Participate in the regular evaluation sessions in order to give feedback concerning the students’ progress to other staff members and to the parents of the children;

·         May be required to assist the children with his/her physical needs, such as dressing, eating, traveling to and from school, etc.



College Diploma in Special Education.

Please visit our website for the full job description: https://career.kativik.qc.ca/job-offer/special-education-technician-9/

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