Primary/Junior Visual Arts Teacher

$54,919 - $105,499 yearly
  • Montcrest School
  • Broadview and Danforth
  • Jun 23, 2022
Full-Time Teaching / Support Positions

Job Description


Primary/Junior Visual Arts Teacher

Role: Full time (permanent), Onsite
Academic Calendar
Teacher Pension Plan
Open to Internal and External Candidates

Description of role

The Primary/Junior Visual Arts Teacher is a passionate visual artist and educator. They are knowledgeable in curriculum development. They demonstrate a relationship-based teaching that reflects a personalized and differentiated approach to learning. They are inquirers and lifelong learners who see the interrelationship between learning across the curriculum. They are excited to optimize the use of the technology available to improve student learning. They are able to support and challenge all learners using diverse strategies and are willing to find innovative solutions. The Visual Arts teacher helps to provide exceptional Visual Art Curricular and Co-curricular opportunities for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Through the lens of our current strategic commitments, the Teacher is responsible for:

  • Scaffolding Student Success

  • Cultivating Relationships

  • Constructing Foundations

  • Dismantling Inequitable Systems

In your first year at Montcrest you’ll be directly involved in:


Empowering Personalized Learning

  • Collaboratively building a focused and shared pedagogical approach driven by deep inquiry and real-world contexts.

  • Contributing to the development of Visual Arts future-ready competencies and attributes in a deliberate, developmental continuum.

  • Providing personal pathways for students that recognize their unique interests and strengths.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

  • Building trusting relationships between students, teachers, parents, staff, and leaders. 

  • Co-creating and delivering various Curricular, Co-Curricular and School-wide initiatives. 

About you

I understand that… 

  • A qualification in Education/Visual Arts and a commitment to ongoing professional learning are integral to effective practice and to student learning.

  • Visual Arts provides opportunities for learners to authentically express themselves.

  • Building a culture of inclusion will help our students feel safe and learn.

  • Diverse materials, art forms, movements, and artists are central to a successful Visual Arts Program. 

  • Differentiation is key to scaffolding the learning of individual students.

  • Current research, including the fields of neurodiversity and Mind, Brain and Education Science is critical in meeting the needs of students.


I am able to…

  • Make intentional plans for learning that include Visual Arts conceptual understandings, competencies (skills) and character development.

  • See the big picture of the curriculum in order to plan meaningful sequences of learning.

  • Share my passion for learning with my students and bring expertise to curricular and co-curricular learning.

  • Collaborate with students, parents, educators, leaders, and other professionals.

  • Communicate effectively through clear, direct and supportive written, verbal, and digital skills.

  • Create safe, positive, learning environments.


I am becoming more… 

  • Open to challenging my own perspectives and biases.

  • Aware of students’ interests and how to weave them into inquiries.

  • Empathetic, caring, and compassionate with learners, families, and colleagues.


About us

Montcrest School is a welcoming community that specializes in cultivating incredible young people. We believe in small class sizes and unparalleled student-teacher relationships. We believe individuality is something to protect, not suppress. And we believe in meeting our students with the ideal supports—and perfect challenges—for each age and stage, so they emerge as secure, self-directed young people who excel in academics and in life. Simply put, Montcrest helps children become who they’re meant to be.

We are recruiting to hire a diverse candidate as we strive to build a pluralistic community of students, faculty and staff whose perspectives enrich our learning community. We thank all candidates for their applications; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Our Process

We are debiasing our hiring process as part of our commitment to foster an inclusive community. Candidates are asked to provide a cover letter and CV to Maggie Zegas-Tepper ( by Tuesday 28th June

Your cover letter will be anonymized and randomized. Your cover letter should outline how you demonstrate the understandings, competencies and character traits described in the About You section. This may also draw on how you imagine your first year in the role based on the above information. The stages of the process are outlined below.

1. Screening

Please share your suitability for the role in your cover letter as we will not be reading your CV as part of the initial screening process. We will screen candidate cover letters based upon the candidate's alignment to the knowledge, competencies and character required for this position. The intent is to minimize bias in the first assessment stage.

2. Initial Conversation (30 minutes)

Successful candidates selected to move forward in the process will be contacted to arrange an informal conversation on Wednesday 29th June. On this call, you will have the opportunity to reverse interview us, where you ask us questions. You will also hear more about our skill-based hiring process. 

3. Scenario skill-based Interview (90 minutes)

You will engage in a formal interview where we will do a case study session. You will be provided with further information prior to this stage. 

4. Authentic Belonging Interview (90 minutes)

If successful, you will engage in a final interview where we will discuss the school vision, mission, values and learning principles and any new questions you might have for us.

For more information about Montcrest School please visit


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