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Consider a university job, even without a teaching degree

Consider a university job, even without a teaching degree

When you're job hunting, it is common to find jobs that you love but see they require a degree that you may not have. You can also find fantastic opportunities but realize they are outside your current career path. This can feel like you’ve hit a wall during your job search, but we are here to let you know and show you the types of roles that exist without these requirements. If you want to land a role without the need to go back to school, we recommend you start by looking in different places and thinking outside the box. We promise you there are lots of exciting opportunities to find teaching jobs that do not require a specific degree or level of experience. Often people think they must be a teacher or have teaching experience to work in the education industry, which is simply not true. 

While some education jobs require a teaching degree, there are many roles that do not have this requirement. Working in the education sector comes with many benefits and possibilities, but many people are not aware of them. When people think of university and college jobs, chances are the first image that comes to mind is a highly experienced teacher or specialist researcher with several years of experience and the degrees to support it. However, we are here to tell you this is not the only option!  

The education industry is a wonderful sector that requires positions in every category and type in order to operate successfully. These people get to be part of a solid, stable, and rewarding community, and we would love for you to join us. If you have never considered looking for roles within this industry, it is time to think again.

Every industry needs hardworking people, dedicated, and ambitious, with a wide range of skills and knowledge, some of which may have been acquired through a wide variety of work experience and training that you may not have considered to be relevant in an education setting, but it is!  If this sounds like you, or someone you know, keep reading. We will help you discover the job opportunities in education that exist without the requirements of being a teacher or having a teaching degree. 

Benefits of Working in the Canadian Education Industry

The education industry may seem like a tight circle of academics but this isn't the case. It is an enormous sector with an ecosystem that integrates multiple organizations, cultures, and experiences. Universities and colleges have staff in different fields ranging from teaching to administration to maintenance to technology, and more. With 223 universities and 213 colleges and institutes in Canada, the education sector offers a thriving environment for employment. Depending on the institution, you can enjoy many benefits such as having access to mental health programs, fitness memberships, pension plans, learning resources, and training in your field, paid leaves including maternity and paternity leave, on-campus daycare centers, staff recognition programs such as service awards, and much more. You will be part of a successful community that offers growth opportunities and professional development.

Jobs You Can Get Without a Teaching Degree

A degree is certainly valuable for launching you into your career and helping you grow, however it isn’t always a mandatory requirement. Your experience and skills can speak volumes about the value you can bring to a role. Your 5 years as an administrative assistant or program manager are applicable across multiple sectors.  Just because you worked in Finance or Manufacturing prior doesn’t restrict you from being able to jump to a new industry. Searching for opportunities on different niche job boards is a great way to increase the odds of finding a position that meets your skills. For example, there are several administrative jobs with different levels of education requirements ranging from years of experience, a specific set of skills, a post-secondary degree, or specific software knowledge. It is important to check the individual job posting to confirm what they are looking for.  Remember that sometimes employers include a degree as a nice thing to have, something that could better your chances, but isn’t a requirement. Your years of experience working in client support or business development are valuable and worth emphasizing if the role includes those responsibilities or if those skills cross over. 

Jobs You Can Get Without A Specific Degree

If you don't have a degree at all, don't stop reading. The education industry is made up of a variety of positions that do not require specific levels of education. For these types of opportunities, institutions tend to value experience and transferable skills. You do not always need a specific education to have a successful career in universities and colleges. There is no reason why you can't be a part of the thriving education industry with your valuable experiences and skills. For example, positions such as cook, cleaner, skill-based instructor, and maintenance technician do not always require specific education, and your years of experience prove how capable, dedicated and skilled you are. It is also important to note that in some situations employers will train you in the specific skills you need, so it is more important to demonstrate that you have the ability to learn, a willingness to adapt, and be flexible.  Don’t let a degree stop you from pursuing a work environment that you love.

Now that you know just how widely varied and filled with opportunities the education sector is, make sure to keep this in mind next time you are job hunting. Better yet, looking through our available job opportunities can help you discover roles you hadn’t considered before and could be a great fit.  

Regardless of your educational background, we think it is clear the education industry is an excellent place to launch your career. It needs people from all backgrounds to succeed and offers a huge community that shares the values of learning, knowledge, and contributing to a common goal.  If you're not sure where to start, visit our job board to find the positions available right now. We can't wait for you to join the education community. Be sure to visit our website to find out more!

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