The education sector is unique because it provides extraordinary opportunities for us to learn, develop, and grow. It is a part of who we are and shapes how we view our world, which is why the people who work in education are extraordinary. We take our job as matchmaker between educational institutions and potential candidates very seriously. Our students, institutions, and community depend on us to help enable transformational learning experiences. They depend on us so that they can hire the right people, and by doing so, we, as Human Resources Specialists, have the ability to make an impact – in the lives of our students and in the lives of our employees. Our process and choices impact entire communities, and like you, we believe in hiring the very best.


We value our commitment to our clients and provide customer service that is efficient and exceeds expectations.


We value our commitment to job seekers and provide a job board where candidates can view postings free of charge.


We value our commitment to our employees and provide an environment that encourages growth, development, and achievement.


We value our commitment to our community and contribute to initiatives that exemplify our belief in enabling access to education.



We provide candidates with free access to our job site and supporting resources.


We provide employers with effective recruitment tools and consultation for positions.


We also fulfill our mission by contributing to initiatives that make a social impact in education.



Our President, Rumeet Billan, decided a long time ago that JIE would work towards two bottom lines: profit + social impact, which is a part of JIE that sets it apart from other job boards and education resources. Each year, we contribute to initiatives that enable access to education in developing countries and improve educational experiences here in Canada. To date, we have built three primary schools in Africa and South America, supported uniforms and textbook programs for orphans, created and built a teacher’s college in Kenya, and contributed to a year-long breakfast program in Canada.

While building primary schools has been a great first step to help enable access, we’ve learned that it’s not the only thing that we can do to help make an impact on enabling education worldwide.

In 2010, we led the creation and development of a teacher training college in rural Kenya to improve access to higher learning opportunities, the quality of primary education, and to support the growth of leaders within the community. The doors to our training centre opened on August 10, 2010, and continues to train early childhood educators.

In 2011, we wrote a Social Action eBook for young leaders who want to make a difference. Check out the eBook here.

In 2012, After reading studies that connected the importance of breakfast to learning for children, we decided to support a Canadian organization, Breakfast for Learning, to help our children at home, in Canada.

In 2013, what started off as contributing towards 30 scholarships, quickly turned into supporting over 60+ full-year scholarships on behalf of each of our clients for students in Peru, Ecuador, and Kenya.

Between 2014-2017, we’ve contributed to soccer tournaments in Nicaragua, a scholarship for an Ontario Teacher and supplied 250 backpacks and school supplies to students in the Greater Toronto Area and Nicaragua while facilitating an exchange between students in the two countries to develop their empathy and global competence.

We have so much in store for 2018 and beyond and look forward to making an impact with you!