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International Teaching: Where Will Your Next Job Take You? 

International Teaching: Where Will Your Next Job Take You? 

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Teaching abroad opens up countless doors for exploring new places, so where do you want to go? Do you see yourself spending the weekend climbing mountains or chilling on a beach? Do you want to live in a sprawling city with all the comforts of home or a rural village where you can immerse yourself in the local culture? Does the idea of learning a new language excite you, or would you prefer to live somewhere you can easily communicate?

In this 5 part blog series, I will explore the ins and outs of teaching abroad and everything you need to know before you go.

What to Consider

Many factors can influence whether a country will be a good fit for you. Google the country, watch a few videos or head to the library to get a sense of the culture, customs, landscapes, weather, food, religion(s), and government. You’re spoilt for choice as a Canadian-trained teacher so prioritize what works for you. If grey rainy days get you down, head somewhere sunny. If you’re outdoorsy, choose a place with plenty of national parks to explore.  If you’ve always been interested in a certain culture, what better way to learn than firsthand? If you’re an open-minded and flexible person, you really can’t go wrong, but it’s okay if there are things you aren’t prepared to compromise on. Just be informed and think about factors that might be a bit too challenging for you to adapt.

I spent two years living in Saudi Arabia where I wore an abaya and hijab to cover myself from head to toe whenever I left my apartment. It was an adjustment at first (especially in the heat) but I quickly got used to it and even came to like it. On the other hand, I had a colleague who took the dress code as a suggestion rather than a requirement and offended many locals by not dressing appropriately. 

Don't Assume

The media often feeds us ideas about a country that could be deceptive so don’t assume you know everything. By starting with a country (or countries) in mind, and then thinking about factors that are important to you as you narrow your job search you ensure that you end up living and working in a place you will enjoy both personally and professionally.

After deciding what country or countries you would like to teach in, it’s time to begin the job hunt. There are numerous places to find international teaching positions online but to get you started check out our current vacancies here. Positions are posted throughout the year so to be sure you don't miss any set up a 'job alert' by choosing keywords such as 'international' or a "country name" so you will be the first to know when a new job is posted. Let technology do the hard work for you!  

For tips on how to choose a school continue reading here.


To set up a job alert visit our jobs page and search any keyword you like, then enter your email and voila!

Meet the author:

Tiana Bogaert is the brilliant mind behind our international teaching articles. Coming from Ontario and trained in primary/junior education, Tiana infuses her writing with a rich tapestry of firsthand experiences. With a teaching portfolio spanning five countries and volunteer roles in three more, she brings a unique global perspective to her insightful articles. Tiana is an educator and a seasoned traveler with 48 countries under her belt, sharing her vast experiences abroad into the fabric of her writing. Join Tiana in this series as she invites you to explore the process of finding your own intersection of teaching and travel.

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