Korvia Consulting

Korvia Consulting is a leading education consulting firm based in South Korea, dedicated to facilitating the placement of English teachers in schools and institutions throughout the country. Established with the goal of bridging the gap between qualified educators and the Korean education system, Korvia has become a trusted partner for both teachers seeking rewarding opportunities and educational institutions seeking qualified professionals.

Key Features:

  1. Teacher Recruitment: Korvia plays a crucial role in connecting English teachers, often from abroad, with reputable schools and language institutes in South Korea. The company assists in the entire recruitment process, from initial application to placement.

  2. Visa Support: Understanding the complexities of obtaining the appropriate visa is essential for foreign teachers. Korvia provides comprehensive support in navigating the visa application process, ensuring a smooth transition for educators.

  3. Cultural Orientation: Recognizing the significance of cultural adaptation, Korvia offers cultural orientation programs to help teachers acclimate to the Korean way of life. This includes insights into local customs, language basics, and practical tips for daily living.

  4. Ongoing Support: Beyond the initial placement, Korvia remains a supportive resource for teachers throughout their tenure in South Korea. The company aims to create a community of educators, providing assistance with any challenges they may encounter during their time in the country.

  5. Educational Services: In addition to teacher recruitment, Korvia Consulting may offer other educational services, such as advising schools on best practices in hiring and managing foreign teachers.