Spirit of Math Newmarket

About Spirit of Math:

With over 30 years of success, Spirit of Math is an innovative leader in after-school mathematics education for high-performing students. Located at more than 40 campuses across Canada. From our after-school classes and campuses to our expanding series of math workbooks and training for educators, Spirit of Math is changing the equation for inquisitive minds around the world.

Our mission is to promote cooperation, inspire confidence, and realize the genius of every child.

The ideal candidate for Spirt of Math is patient, highly dependable, and gregarious. You excel at connecting with children by providing a balance of kindness and firmness. You are skilled at making others feel valued and included and you understand the importance of providing children with a structured environment to facilitate their learning. You are a team player who has a natural desire to help others develop. In addition to possessing the above traits, you are eager to learn the Spirit of Math method of teaching mathematics. You will be challenged to help students discover the conceptual building blocks and relationships which undergird mathematics. The training you will receive as a Spirit of Math teacher will deepen your understanding of math and stretch your abilities as a teacher.