OSA Private School

The Ottawa Sports Academy Private School (OSA) is a top-tier private school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and dedicated to combining academic achievement with premier sports training. We strive to create a supportive environment that nurtures both academic excellence and athletic talent.


Quick Facts:

-   Grade 4-12

-   100-250 students

-   Specialized programs: hockey, soccer, dance, baseball and strength and conditioning

-   Location: Bell Sensplex in Kanata, Ontario (west of Ottawa)


Our goal is to provide a globally diverse environment that welcomes both domestic and international students where they can develop a love for academics, life-long learning, sports, health, and wellness. We strive to foster caring, socially responsible, and passionate students with integrity and character.


OSA is always on the lookout for passionate professionals committed to making a difference in the lives of young athletes. We seek individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also mentors who motivate and inspire students to reach their full potential.


Ottawa Sports Academy works closely with the local community by participating in partnerships and outreach programs that promote youth athletics and academics. The academy’s dedication to community is evident through its initiatives tailored to inspire a passion for sports and learning among youth.


Pluralism is fundamental and profoundly influential in the ethos of OSA Private School, where our student body represents a rich tapestry of nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures. Embracing pluralism is not merely a value we uphold; it is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy and a catalyst for implementing a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.