Vedic Roots Montessory Academy

Our Mission:

We aim to provide academic excellence through the holistic development of our students, treating each child as an individual to build on their inherent strengths. Our goal is to help them reach their potential and become responsible leaders. We have mixed-age classrooms to facilitate child-directed learning. We are a registered private school for grades K-6 and a licensed daycare.

Our Pedagogy:

Our teaching methodology is rooted in the ancient Vedic system of overall personality development, known as Panchakoshatmak Vikas. The Vedas, ancient books of knowledge containing timeless wisdom passed down through a chain of disciple-teacher relationships, explain that we are all spiritual beings experiencing the world through various layers or coverings. When developed appropriately, these layers lead to the complete personality development of an individual, enabling them to be their best selves and make unique contributions to the world.

Why Join Us?

  • Holistic Approach: Be part of an educational environment that prioritizes the holistic development of each child.
  • Innovative Teaching: Engage with a mixed-age classroom setting that encourages child-directed learning.
  • Rich Tradition: Incorporate the wisdom of the ancient Vedic system into modern teaching practices.
  • Professional Growth: Work in a supportive and nurturing environment that values your professional and personal development.