Matawa First Nations

Apr 24, 2024
$110,000 yearly
Matawa First Nations Ontario, Canada
Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and dedicated Special Education Teacher who is passionate about fostering a supportive and effective learning environment for students with diverse needs. This role demands a specialist with a strong understanding of neurodivergence and the Ontario curriculum, equipped to handle one-on-one teaching and the creation and implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Responsibilities: Develop and implement IEPs and write report cards for students with special educational needs, covering all curriculum subjects. Provide extensive one-on-one instruction to ensure educational objectives are met. Manage behavioral classrooms effectively, employing high-level expertise in de-escalation techniques and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) modalities. Work collaboratively with staff, parents, and other professionals to enhance student learning and well-being. Track and report on student progress, aiming for high-impact...
Expiration Date:
Jun 23, 2024