Chess World Inc.

We use the game of chess as a tool for helping students develop essential character traits, improve social skills, and enhance cognitive abilities, extending the benefits of chess far beyond the game itself. Our programs were vetted and approved by The Toronto District School Board, The York Region Public and Catholic School Boards, and The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and were selected by The Israeli Ministry of Education as an enrichment measure to be taught as a part of the daily curriculum in elementary schools across the nation.

Our intervention program for at-risk youth was featured on Canada’s CBC national radio, and the Ontario Government uses our chess program as the only games-based rehabilitation tool in the Canadian prison system. Over the years we were fortunate to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of students in hundreds of schools, community centers, and prisons, and we are honored and humbled by the opportunity to continue to do so to this day.