A First Nations Community

Nov 13, 2023
Seabird Island Agassiz, British Columbia, V0M 1A1 Canada
Position Summary   The principal is responsible for the administration, leadership, supervision, and operation of the Seabird Island Elementary and High School. The principal provides quality B.C. curriculum in a learning environment that promotes language and reinforces the highly honored values of self-reliance, generosity, honesty, adaptability, and respect for self, others, and the environment. The principal must fulfill his/her responsibilities with high ethical and moral standards and serve as a positive role model for staff and students. The principal must always act in the best interests of the students and ensure that all school staff work diligently to create a positive, caring atmosphere that encourages self- discipline and promotes life-long learning. The principal is responsible for ensuring that school staff complies with all policies, acts and regulations governing the operation of the school. The principal has the responsibility to ensure that...
Principal & Vice-Principal