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Becoming a Teacher in Ontario

Becoming a Teacher in Ontario

It is not a secret that teaching can be a highly fulfilling career. Depending on the specific area you want to specialize in, you have the opportunity to impact the lives of young people and support them in discovering themselves as they grow to become dedicated, passionate, and motivated adults. 

To be a successful teacher you need to have a passion for education and a genuine desire to dedicate yourself to it. This profession requires you to constantly learn and share your findings with others, prosper in a diverse group of people, want to help others, be a good listener, and it definitely helps to be a creative individual with the ability to present new information in an interesting and compelling way. Teaching is not only a personally fulfilling profession but can also provide financial stability with salaries ranging from approximately  $54,000 to $100,925 CAD depending on experience and skills. 

If supporting and educating young people interests you then keep reading, this is exactly what we will explore in this post to help you understand what is required to become a teacher in Ontario.  These requirements apply to publicly funded schools in Ontario, so make sure to read them carefully before starting the process for your dream job.


Requirements for becoming a school teacher in Ontario

To become a school teacher in Ontario you must have completed a post-secondary degree that was at least 3 years in length followed by completing a 4 semester Bachelor of Education program. There are a number of universities in Ontario that have Teacher Education Programs which are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), make sure to check out the accredited programs to become a teacher in Ontario.  After completing a Teacher Education Program, you’ll have the necessary requirements for the second step: applying to the Ontario College of Teachers.

You must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to be able to teach in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. To apply you will pay a registration fee and submit the needed documents to prove you meet the requirements to become a certified teacher. During registration, you are also required to complete a Mathematics proficiency test and Sexual Abuse Prevention training.  Your application is reviewed for approval which can take a number of months, so be sure to submit everything listed in the application guide to prevent delays. Once you have been certified, you will be required to pay the membership fee every year in order to stay certified.

The College can change these requirements without notice so you must stay up to date with any changes. Your membership can help with this. Keep in mind, the requirements may differ depending on the grade level or subject you will be teaching. Please refer to the guides provided by the College to help you prepare for your application.

Requirements for internationally Educated teachers

For people who studied outside Ontario, you must meet additional language requirements. If your documents aren't in English or French, you may also need to do a document translation. If you would like more details it is advised to visit the OCT website’s internationally educated teachers section and sign up to attend information sessions hosted by the College to explain their set requirements, credential evaluation, document translation, and language proficiency tests.

Requirements for teachers who were trained in Canada but outside of Ontario

The Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009, establishes that teachers who were trained in any Canadian province or territory are also able to get certified in Ontario by applying to the OCT for certification. They must however meet the two main requirements, which include: 1) proficiency in English or French, 2) professional suitability, which consists of an application declaration, a Canadian criminal record report, and a statement of professional standing.

We hope this guide can help you find the perfect teaching job for you. If you are currently awaiting your certification from the OCT or simply want to know what positions are available right now, make sure to look through our website and stay up to date with the types of roles that could be for you. You are bound to find a position that excites you among the job postings we are constantly updating. If this guide helped you confirm that you meet all of the criteria then what are you waiting for? Start applying for some jobs directly on our job board and take a step closer to the teaching position of your dreams. 

Stay tuned for more posts about becoming a teacher in Canada. 

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